What We Do

We often have a day out
at nearby clothing optional beaches

Looking for something new? In our present materialistic society there are many who tend to become so involved in the day to day routine of living that they forget about the important things in life. In fact a lot of people seem to reach a stage where they no longer know what they should want or expect. No. Not the latest sporty convertible or the best house in the street, but the really important stuff like self confidence, real peace, happiness, and meaningful companionship with like-minded friends.
As our lifestyle becomes more and more hectic we tend to make contact with vast numbers of people, but the more we meet the more superficial that contact becomes. This can leave us with the feeling that whilst we may know a lot of people reasonably well there are few if any that we can call close friends.
The difficult question of course is where do we find good friends? Where can we meet people who have similar interests and aspirations, people who will accept us as we are, and welcome us into their midst? Perhaps the Adam & Eve Social Club can provide you with just that opportunity.

About The Club  The Adam & Eve Social Club Inc was formed many years ago back in 1983. As the name implies we are a “social club”, and the sole purpose of our existence is to provide our membership with a varied program of social activities which they can share and enjoy together. As we are also a nudist group the majority of our activities include social nudity. With no grounds or equipment to maintain there are no onerous duties for members to attend to, and the annual membership fee is very modest. A small committee is elected each year to take care of the Clubs’s affairs and to prepare the calendar of activities.

What We Do  Our program is very varied. Some activities are purely social, such as theatre and restaurant outings, picnics and family days to various public parks, trips to wineries and other tourist orientated venues, camping weekends, and so on. Indeed the list is only limited by the membership’s imagination. On other occasions our activities involve social nudity, when we visit nearby clothing optional beaches or resorts, or one of the local nudist clubs. Often our activities could be classed as both social and nudist. At parties, barbecues and so on if the weather is warm and the location private, members usually prefer to be nude rather than dressed. The choice is theirs.

Who Can Join?  The Adam & Eve Social Club Inc is predominantly families and couples, but single parents are accepted as members. However, singles are encouraged to attend family outings, but at the evening adult functions are expected to be partnered. The committee reserves the right to reject any application which it feels would be detrimental to the harmony of the Group. Some of our functions are open to guests, so take a look at our latest Calendar of Events to see if there is something you would like to attend.

So! Come and Join Us!  Whatever else may be said about the Adam & Eve Social Club Inc, one thing is for certain: we have a lot of fun! And isn’t that what life is all about?

So if you fancy getting a little more out of life contact our secretary for more information. One of the committee will then contact you to invite you to a function so you can meet us and learn more about the Club. Soon you may have more friends than you had before.

Our annual family carnival at Alexandria Bay, Noosa Heads always attracts a big crowd

Alexandria Beach Carnival

Future Carnivals – see below

In the early part of each year since 1986 members of the Adam & Eve Social Club Inc have played a major role in planning and staging the Alexandria Beach Carnival, a family fun day on Queensland’s most popular unofficial nude beach at Noosa Heads. The idea began on Swanbourne Beach in Western Australia in 1983, the South Australian naturists took up the cause, introducing the Maslin Beach Olympics in 1984.

From the outset the Alexandria Beach Carnival was a huge success. Each year it attracted some 400 to 600 naturists to the beach to participate in a wide range of ‘sporting’ events. Nothing too serious, mind you, the emphasis was always strictly on having fun. And for the safety of all concerned, an official lifesaver team from the nearby surf club was engaged to patrol the beach on the day. The Carnival has proved to be excellent promotion for our naturist recreational lifestyle, and many ‘new recruits’ have resulted from this annual open house function.


However, the Carnival has now outgrown our Club’s oversight, and has become an Australian Naturist Federation event, in which the movement as a whole will be contributing their efforts to make the Carnival bigger and better in the years to come